Domino’s Rewards has Closed.

Thank you for being a part of Domino’s Rewards. Based on your participation and customer feedback we’re looking at new ways to deliver an even better rewards program.

As part of this change, our current Domino’s Rewards program finished on 31st August.



If you want to discuss your Domino’s Rewards with a team member, please email


*Terms and Conditions

Domino’s Rewards Program

Select VIP club members (to be determined at Domino’s sole discretion) will be invited to participate in the Domino’s Rewards program (Rewards Members).  Rewards Members will automatically receive 10 points for every $10 spent per order, up to a maximum of 90 reward points per day, provided that the Rewards Member:

·       has an active Domino’s Online Ordering account;

·       places their Domino’s order online using either the Domino’s website or Domino’s applications; and

·       uses their VIP club email when ordering.

For clarity, reward points are only awarded for each multiple of $10 within an order. Rewards points are not able to be prorated or carried over to subsequent orders. E.g. A $40 order = 40 points, a $45 order = 40 points.

A Rewards Member is responsible for creating its own Domino’s Online Ordering account. If you do not yet have a Domino’s Online Ordering account, sign up here

Within 48 hours of reaching 90 reward points in their account, a Rewards Member will receive an online only single-use voucher code which entitles the member to redeem one Value or Traditional pizza (“Rewards Pizza Voucher”).  A $2.95 surcharge applies to indulgent crusts or an upgrade to a Premium pizza. A $2 surcharge applies for half ‘n’ half pizzas and each additional topping. Excludes New Yorker pizza range. Minimum delivery order is $22. Rewards Pizza Vouchers are not transferrable to any person for any reason or redeemable for cash or Instagift. The Rewards Pizza Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or offer. 

A Rewards Member cannot transfer its rewards points to any person for any reason and Domino’s will not do this for the Rewards Member (or its representatives), even if the Rewards Member can no longer access its Online Ordering account.

Reward points will expire, without any prior notice, if the Rewards Member’s Online Ordering account is inactive for 12 months.   If the Rewards Member’s Online Ordering Account is deleted (either by the Rewards Member or Domino’s) or the Domino’s Rewards Program is discontinued, any reward points will also be deleted; meaning that the Rewards Member will be unable to redeem any rewards points that it had accrued. Domino’s will not be liable to the Rewards Member for the expiry or deletion of any rewards points.  

The Domino’s Rewards Program is valid for limited time only.  Domino’s may, in its sole discretion, and at any time, change the terms of its Domino’s Rewards Program, which for the avoidance of doubt includes the amount of points a Rewards Member receives per order, or the amount of reward points required to receive a Rewards Pizza Voucher. Domino’s can decide to stop offering the Domino’s Rewards Program to anyone or everyone, at any time and for any reason.  If Domino’s decides to change the Domino’s Rewards Program in a way that significantly affects Rewards Members, Domino’s will try to send an email to notify the Rewards Members.

If a Rewards Member no longer wishes to be a part of the Domino’s Rewards Program, or has any questions about its account or points, it can contact Domino’s at

Please note that if a Rewards Member unsubscribes from Domino’s VIP club emails, it will no longer receive Domino’s Rewards Program emails (including any Rewards Vouchers).